A challenging task

I have greatly enjoyed the challenge of Spring Top Week and am surprised that I actually have three well-fitting tops to show for it.  I don’t believe that I could have made these tops a few years ago.  My sewing has been limited to making dolls for so many years, that “life-sized” projects are a bit of a challenge.

I remember the first few dresses that I tried to make – one had an empire waist with ruffles (which inadvertently made me look pregnant– not good), one was altered too much to accommodate my pointy shoulder blades, thus creating other fit issues, and the remainders never made it past the muslin test.  It was with a bit of trepidation that I made the first Amy Butler pattern earlier this month, thinking that I probably would just waste my money and time.  I’d like to say thank you Rae for hosting this challenge, and boosting my sewing confidence a bit.  Maybe  I will try to make a dress again…

Here is my third top – a green ruffled version of a shell.  I did not use a pattern, but loosely based it on the multi-colored dot shell (top #2).  Made with Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain fabric, the top is unlined and has a side zipper.

I’m off to finish my last top (alas I didn’t make my goal of 5 tops)- the Friday deadline is drawing near!


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