The invaluable seam ripper

The seam ripper has become one of my new appendages.  It seems that all I have been doing for the past few days is alterations.  Two summer dress projects have proven to be quite a bit of work.  One dress, a pink seersucker number, was completely finished a few weeks ago.  But after wearing it for only few hours I realized that the neckline gaping issue would have to be addressed.  Sadly, I commenced with ripping out the seams.

I’m working under the hypothesis that the gaping issue can be addressed by (just) removing the middle, triangular section.  The two sides of the bodice need to be gathered together at a higher point on the bust, so that the neckline itself is smaller.

This is how the dress looked on Tuesday.

The dress has to be finished by Friday morning at the latest because I really want to wear it to a wedding this weekend! 

Update:  I did in fact finish the dress last night (though at times I wanted to throw it in the trash, as the Professors can attest).  I’ll post about the pattern changes when I upload pictures of the final dress next week.

The second fit issue I hoped to address was that of my shirt dress.  I am so close to finishing the dress.  So very close.  The sleeves are set, cuffs are made, the bodice is finalized  (after being ripped out and altered) and the skirt/pockets are perfect.  I just need to put in the side zipper, make the collar and hem it.  Maybe I can finish it by next weekend…


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