Just in time for seersucker season!

(Pardon the fuzzy picture, the camera focused on the moutains instead of me.)  Isn’t the setting gorgeous?

It’s finished!  And just in time for seersucker season.  This pink seersucker dress is based on Simplicity’s 2177 pattern.   I live in the south and I relish the opportunity to squeeze in as much seersucker as possible during the “season” (between Memorial Day and Labor Day).  For those of you who were wondering, I also managed to finish the dress in time for last weekend’s fun summer wedding (barely).

As of last Wednesday night, I thought I had had solved most of the fit issues.  I was ready to remove the basting stitches and put in my final seam.  But after struggling with the alterations for several hours, I decided to change the pattern.  I ended up top stitching the center bodice panel and including a sash.  The two ends of the sash attach underneath the edges of the bodice panel.

The sash was acutally a last minute addition, but I think that it really makes the dress.  It also helps make it a bit more fitted.  The Professor also bought me a new necklace to wear with the dress- I had it made at a local beading shop.

The dress is from Simplicity’s 2177 pattern.  It’s a great dress that is relatively quick to construct.  I would certainly make it again.  I’m already envisioning a version with sleeves.

Pattern details:  All in all, the pattern came together nicely.  The main alteration I made was to line the dress due to the sheerness of the seersucker fabric.  I also made my standard alterations- swayback adjustment, additional length in the bodice and in the skirt.

My troubles with the dress ultimately came from the fact that I made the center back seam too tight- thus puckering the bodice front.  Once I increased the seams in the front (to compensate) the problem was fixed.  Next time, I’ll make sure that my center back seam is correct and I won’t have this issue.

This dress also counts as part of the sewing “challenges” that I am currently participanting in– the Summer Essentials SewAlong and the Summer of No Pants.



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6 responses to “Just in time for seersucker season!

  1. Oh my! I need to make this dress. I have the pattern, but now I need to make it. Your version is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I really like your version of this dress. It looks great on you & I love the color. I made this dress as well & had to make some adjustments while sewing also. I had to take it in a bit that surprised me because I usually have the opposite problem. I’m actually working on another dress from this pattern & I’m going to consider using a sash also. Thanks for that inspiration!


  3. Hello! I just purchased this pattern, and after a visit to Pattern Review, I found your blog post. I am thinking about sewing this dress in seersucker for an upcoming trip to NYC. I am hoping it will be something cool to wear in the hot weather with a pair of espadrilles. Your review gave me some great tips. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Heather,

      I hope that you enjoy the pattern (and that it comes together easier for you!!) I bet that you will create a wonderful dress for NYC. It’s always fun to have sewing deadlines like that- it helps to encourage one to get the project done.

  4. What a lovely dress! The colour and fabric are beautiful 🙂

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