Day dreaming of summer

We are right at the cusp of winter in North Carolina.  The days are shorter and the temperature is beginning to drop.  I must admit that I really prefer the spring and summer weather to the drab, gray landscape of winter.  I haven’t even found the heart yet to pull up my caladium and dahlia tubers (and if I wait any longer there might not be anything left to salvage!)

So much has changed for The Professor and I over the past six months, that the summer feels like it was ages ago.  I was browsing through my photos last night, and realized that I never finished my post about the beautiful summer wedding that I had the honor of attending.  The bride, is one of the most creative people I know, and the thought and planning that went into every detail of her wedding was spectacular.  She needs to blog about it to capture all of the neat ideas she incorporated…

My tiny contribution was the construction of the flower girl’s dress.  The bride had the imagination and vision.  Here is what she created–

How cute is this little flower girl?  She was quite serious about her job.  I wish that I had gotten a picture of her little brother in his matching bow tie and jaunty cap… What a special day.

Check back later this week.  I’m endeavoring to post a tutorial on adapting a regular women’s shirt pattern to a maternity shirt.  I underestimated how long tutorials can take to compile!


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