I am not afraid of knits…

Today I’m launching into an unknown world- the world of sewing with knits.

Made by Rae’s KNITerview series happened to correspond with my 30th week of pregnancy and the resultant lack of clothes that fit over my ever-growing bump. After looking at some of the pretty maternity clothes at Boden (during which I barely managed to stop myself from ordering a third-trimester wardrobe) I thought that I might give sewing with knits a chance.  Frankly, I don’t want to spend $98 on a maternity shirt that I’ll wear for less than 10 weeks.  That’s crazy!

So I poked around in my local sewing store until I found a few decent maternity patterns (they are few and far between): Kwik Sew 3487 and Kwik Sew 3326. These seem to be pretty basic and versatile.  If they work, each should be easily adaptable to dresses or tunics.

In the principle of using what you have on hand, I thought that it would be appropriate to use one of the pieces of knit that I have been saving.  It’s a dark teal green and perhaps could be classified as a heavy-weight jersey.  I don’t believe it’s made out of cotton, but then again it could be some sort of cotton blend.

I picked it up in Athens, Greece last January from a cute shopkeeper, who tried as he might, didn’t speak any English. Isn’t this shop cute??  At 4 euros/meter, I just couldn’t pass it up– regardless of the fact that I hadn’t ever successful sewn with a knit fabric.  (See my bulging blue bag of fabric?  My suitcase almost didn’t make weight on the way home– I had fabric stashed in my handbag, carry-on, and luggage….)

I spent part of last night and this morning adapting the pattern to fit my height.  It’s all cut out now and ready to go.  I’m armed with my walking foot, ball point needles and serger– wish me luck!


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