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A little flower girl

As part of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I am working on a vintage inspired flower girl’s dress.  One of my dear friends is getting married in June, and has planned a very creative, vintage-themed event.  Her inspiration for the flower girl dress came from this picture.  Aren’t they just precious?? 

With the help of  a friend who collects patterns I was able to borrow a vintage pattern, New Look 6625, that closely mirrored the shape of the flower girl’s dress.  

I made several significant modifications to the pattern to remove the “1980s vibe” from it and to adapt it to the bride’s vision.  Most notably, about 3-4″ of ease was removed from each sleeve, picture the 1980’s bubble sleeve, reinforced with crinoline.  I also lowered the bodice to hit at the natural waist, added volume in the skirt so that it measures 3x the waist measurement of the little girl, and will (eventually) hem the skirt so that it hits above the knee.

The bride chose Nicey Jane’s Church Flowers in blue for the fabric.  We debated about this fabric for a bit, wondering if the scale would overwhelm a five-year old girl.  After multiple trips to the fabric store, we happened upon a little girl, who was willing to “model” the fabric for us.  It think the bride’s fabric choice was perfect.

To mitigate the scale a bit, I carefully cut the collar pieces out of white sections of the fabric, and positioned the center bodice piece so that it had the most white around the face and upper chest.

The little girl is coming for a fitting in a few weeks, and the dress is finished to the extent that it can be at this point.  I’ll post more pictures once it is completed. I’ve also made a slip for the dress, filled with crinoline and tulle, so that she has a nice flouncy skirt.  I’ll post pictures of the slip with the finished dress.

Now onto the sash and bow tie for the little ring bearer, both will be made of the same matching fabric.



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