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It’s springtime in North Carolina

The cheery faces of daffodils are visible all over town and the earliest leaves of the trees and bushes are breaking forth.  With temperatures rising to 80 degrees for the past few days, I’m officially in spring mode.  Which is a great thing seeing that our sweet spring baby is due any day now. Hooray!

I’ve found that these last few weeks/days are the hardest as I await our little baby.  So, I’ve endeavored to find sewing projects to distract myself.

Here are two of my recent favorites:

The blue plaid longall is the Jordan pattern by Maja’s Heirlooms and the green gingham bubble is the sunsuit pattern by Creations by Michie.

This little green bubble is a 3 month size.  It’s made with the remanent of green gingham that I used for the border of the crib skirt.  He will be well coordinated with his room decor. haha.  This is also the same pattern that I used for the dinosaur sunsuit– I think it’s neat how very different they look.

 This is the baby’s “coming home” outfit.  I love the piping and the pintucked details.  I should admit that this pattern calls for smocking, but since I never really learned how to do that…. I removed the smocking ease with pintucks instead.

I am hoping that this fits as a newborn size.  The pattern only provides 3M+ options, so I removed a 1/2 in length, as well as a quarter inch in the side and shoulder seams.  I think that it should be forgiving enough of a fit to work for the first month or so.

As a side note, the background for these little outfits is a white knit blanket that The Professor’s grandmother made for him when he was an infant.  We plan on taking the blanket it to the hospital and bringing the baby home it it.

I’m also beginning to make the transition from sewing things for the nursery and our baby boy to thinking about spring tops and dresses.  I’m pretty sure that my pretty tops from last year won’t fit for a few months, so I’m planning on drafting up a few new tops for this spring and summer.  I had hoped to take part in Made by Rae’s Spring Top Sewalong 2012, but with the timing of his arrival, it looks a bit uncertain.  If he doesn’t come soon, I might have a chance to work on one or two!



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My first knit top

Well, now that it is finished I must say that I am glad that I attempted my first knit shirt.  It is so comfortable!   However, there were times when I was sure that I had ruined the fabric and/or was going to lose all of my patience.  I’ve made it through to the third trimester without buying much of a maternity wardrobe- I’ve mostly just worn a size larger top than normal.  Without the underlying fear that none of my tops were going to fit within a few weeks (the baby is getting big!), I don’t know if I would have actually completed the project.

In the end, I learned that the majority of my issues were due to the tension on the sewing machine and the serger.  Once I mastered the tension issues (I had to pull out my manuals again), the sewing went smoothly. I don’t even want to think about the number of times I ripped out wavy stitches…

If it helps anyone else, I used a combination of my serger and a walking foot on my sewing machine to sew the seams of this garment.  Even with the walking foot, I still had to significantly decrease the tension of the sewing machine foot to eliminate any wavy seams.  The hem and sleeves also were finished using the walking foot.

The Kwik Sew 3487 maternity tunic went together really quickly and I am pleased with the finishes of the shirt.  Even though I compared all of my measurements (including measuring my 31 week belly– a bit traumatic), I found the shirt to be cut very generously.  If I had to do it all over again I would have cut a size small instead of a medium.

I should also note that the bodice is cut quite low, so if modesty is of concern to you, you might want to consider tweaking the way the overlapping bodice falls.  After wearing the top around the house a bit, I decided to rip out the shoulder seams and raise the height of the crossover bodice.  I kept the back shoulder lines intact, but raised the front bodice by 2.25″ at the neckline– so in essence I cut out a long triangle of fabric (with 2.25″ at the neckline seam, tapering to no change at the shoulder seam).   This fixed the problem and now there is no gaping along the neckline.

31 week belly!

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